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in Honolulu Hawaii


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Casual Dining
Waikiki, Oahu

We started our business in 2004 with one goal in mind: providing an enjoyable dining experience to the Honolulu area. Thanks to our experience and dedication, we’ve managed to become masters of the craft. Providing dishes that are fresh, hearty and simply unforgettable.

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Lulu's Waikiki was born out of love and respect for local food, the Islands, and people, met with a desire to bring quality ingredients to the table. Simply put, we’re here to bring you a dining experience you can feel good about.

We are located across the street from Waikiki Beach (stellar view included) and feature a wide range of dishes (vegans and vegetarians welcome), unique and traditional cocktails, an award-winning Loco Moco, and a unique and exceptional dining experience that leaves our customers feeling satisfied and happy every time they visit us.

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Savor the Flavors

Savor the flavors of paradise at Lulu's, your ultimate culinary destination in Waikiki. Indulge in a vibrant blend of island-inspired dishes, tropical cocktails, and breathtaking ocean views. From sunrise breakfasts to sunset dinners, experience the essence of Hawaiian hospitality in every bite. 

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